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The list of books and magazines available on loan from our library by Section Members are available here and here.
Generally, books will be available for loan and return at the Clubhouse on the second winter Weds of each month from the Librarian,
Keith Twist. If you wish to borrow a book, please contact Keith on his mobile or by text on 07717 672210, or by email at keith.twist@hotmail.com

Please click on the month below to download the relevant Newsletter (Adobe PDF documents)

Hi Readers of the Cotswold Section Newsletter, After several reminders through the pages of the Cotswold Section Newsletter, Please note that I will be standing down as the editor from the 2017 AGM. I have been editor for ten years having taken over from Arthur Lewis KOBI. I promised to produce a Newsletter every two months and I have achieved that. I wish to acknowledge the work of Dave Pritchard KOBI as printer, sub-editor and converter of the Word document into PDF format. This allows the Newsletter to take less memory and free viewing using Acrobat Reader. The new editor will/should expect: articles to be sent in for publication, advertisements, photographs, and other sundry reports, which members have attended. This is not always happening! The new editor should be prepared to make changes to the format of the newsletter and use his/her own style to come through. I am prepared, with Dave, to help the new editor with the next issue of the newsletter and I will submit articles on an irregular basis. The role of editor is sometimes a thankless task and the occasional thank you comments have made it worthwhile for me. Please support your new editor! Dr Reg Eyre KOBI

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